Why healthcare companies rely on NetScaler

Healthcare company leaders must balance risk with innovation when embracing digital solutions for managing patient data. Too often, IT must manage legacy on-premises applications with delivery solutions that lack the interoperability and flexibility needed to support evolving business priorities and healthcare delivery models.

At the same time, healthcare companies are subject to regulatory compliance and are highly vulnerable to cyberattacks, both of which challenge IT to secure applications to protect highly sensitive data.


How NetScaler helps

With NetScaler you can:

Ensure applications are resilient and always available

Enforce strong access authorization and authentication

Protect access to patient data

Stop application and API attacks

Provide operational consistency across on-premises and cloud

Secure patient data during transit

Operational consistency across multi-cloud

To deliver secure applications in a consistent manner regardless where the applications reside, NetScaler uses a single code base for all form factors. And NetScaler provides a single dashboard for automated ADC configuration across on-premises and cloud environments so you can configure once and quickly deploy everywhere.

Internet-state observability

Only NetScaler eliminates the internet blind spot to give you visibility into the state of the internet. NetScaler automatically routes traffic to the optimal server for each application end user so you can deliver real-time information.

Comprehensive application and API security

NetScaler continuously monitors application traffic to discover shadow APIs and provides all the tools you need to manage your security policies and automate security controls across all your applications and APIs wherever you deploy your applications. And NetScaler WAF, unlike next-generation firewalls, protects applications against the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities, mitigates bots, and protects APIs.

Secure access to applications

With zero-trust network access, you can employ granular security controls to grant and restrict application access based on role hierarchies — such as administrative staff vs. clinicians —  without compromising your medical staff’s application experience. NetScaler MFA tokens are compatible with the MS Authenticator and Google Authenticator mobile apps. 

Real-time insights and rich analytics 

NetScaler provides map visualization, or service graphs, that make it easy to identify application performance issues and troubleshoot faster. Quickly determine if an issue originates from the client, the ADC, or your application.

Reduced cloud infrastructure costs

Connection multiplexing is a method of reusing connections to avoid the overhead on a server when establishing new connections for each request. NetScaler connection multiplexing ensures that server connections are efficiently reused, resulting in dramatically reduced SSL/TLS load on backend servers.

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“Automatic failover in NetScaler has made it possible for us to seamlessly transfer users from one server to the other server in case of non-availability, without affecting their access to the core business application. There is also no change for end users, and the whole process of failover from one server to the other is not noticeable to them.”

Ravi Mistry
Sr. Manager, IT

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Top reasons why healthcare companies prefer NetScaler

Competing ADC solutions don’t deliver the best performance

NetScaler provides the lowest latency to ensure an optimal application end-user experience. Independent benchmarking confirms that NetScaler outperforms its competitors in every test for latency, throughput, and CPU utilization.

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Cloud load balancers are too basic

Cloud providers’ native load balancing solutions don’t account for internet latency or work as well for hybrid cloud deployments as NetScaler. And with NetScaler, you avoid lock-in to cloud provider load balancing services.

Open source load balancers are less reliable

Because open source load balancers are not developed for the complex performance and compliance needs of the healthcare industry, you will have more management overhead, higher latency, and weaker security protections. Only NetScaler uses a one-pass architecture to provide the most efficient traffic inspection without compromising application performance.


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