Application and ADC analytics with NetScaler

Application performance issues can be difficult to detect, resulting in a poor user experience, lost business, and unhappy customers. Because NetScaler ADCs sit between your applications and your application end users, they see all traffic between them. NetScaler consolidates ADC telemetry in a single management console, so you have the analytics and insights you need in one place to keep your applications performing optimally and securely.


What you can do with NetScaler application and ADC analytics

Use real-time reporting to troubleshoot application, API, and ADC performance issues and end-user access failures

Get detailed insights into session performance and application end-user behavior and experience

Use predictive analytics to optimize your ADC infrastructure capacity for peak application performance  


See every historical web transaction to pinpoint application performance problems

Gain deep observability into application performance and security using NetScaler service graphs or your preferred monitoring-tool data imported into NetScaler

Know exactly which CVEs are impacting your ADC infrastructure


Get real-time network, infrastructure, and application insights with global service graphs

NetScaler global service graph

NetScaler application and ADC analytics at a glance

Service graphs for real-time status updates

NetScaler service graphs provide the live status of your network by showing a spatial representation of your global ADC and compute infrastructure. Get a big-picture view of the communications between clients, NetScaler ADCs, and applications. Or drill down to an application view or network function view to troubleshoot performance and security issues faster. Service graphs are particularly helpful in Kubernetes environments where there are hundreds or thousands of endpoints to monitor.

Web insights

NetScaler maintains detailed logs of every web transaction so you can troubleshoot more quickly. Isolate an ADC-to-client vs. an ADC-to-server issue. Dive deep into client network-latency and server response-time data. Get details on application access, including the most-accessed applications, all URLs accessed by clients, OS and browser details, applications with the most backend errors, and more.

Security insights

The security insights dashboard monitors your application threat environment and provides a threat summary for all your applications and ADCs. You can see which applications have missing security configurations and which have high threat and low safety indexes. And you can quickly determine if and when a specific application was attacked.

SSL insights

SSL analytics provide real-time and historical monitoring of all your secure web transactions (HTTPS). With SSL insights, you can determine how configuration changes  like turning off SSLv3 or removing a cipher like RC4-MD5 will impact application performance and the application end-user experience. And you can assess whether  any of your applications have weak security protocols, ciphers, or key strengths.

TCP insights

NetScaler ADCs use TCP optimization to avoid network congestion in data transmission. The TCP speed report measures TCP file download and upload performance with and without TCP optimization. You can view key transport layer metrics like data volume, throughput, and speed to measure traffic volume through NetScaler ADCs and validate the benefits of TCP optimization.

Gateway insights

NetScaler functions as a gateway to enforce secure remote access to internal-facing applications. To troubleshoot user access issues, you can use the gateway insights dashboard to identify for a specific user where the login issue lies: authentication vs. endpoint analysis vs. single sign-on.

HDX insights

NetScaler provides reporting for a suite of technologies called HDX that was built to deliver a high-definition experience for users of virtual applications and desktops in on-premises Citrix environments. For faster troubleshooting, HDX insights reports provide real-time client and network latency metrics and end-to-end performance data for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops traffic.

ADC infrastructure analytics

NetScaler collates all the telemetry data from your ADC instances and quantifies it with an instance score that defines the health of your ADCs. You can view the data in a summarized tabular view or in a detailed graphical view.


Reference architecture: Application delivery management with NetScaler
NetScaler application dashboard
NetScaler application usage analytics

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