Application and API security insights with NetScaler

NetScaler provides actionable application and API security insights for monitoring, analyzing, and responding to security issues in real time. Whether it’s an application or network attack, NetScaler will help you quickly identify the source and type of attack and recommend corrective actions for remediation.


What you can do with NetScaler application and API security insights

View all application and API security violations from a single management console

Get alerted to network threats, including volumetric DDoS attacks

See WAF violations in a graph view along with associated threat and safety index scores for every application

Get detailed insights on both benign bots and malicious bots that are accessing your applications

See every ADC and application threat and surface top violations

Export application and API security insights from NetScaler into monitoring dashboards you already use, like Splunk and New Relic


Assessing your threat landscape with NetScaler application security insights

NetScaler application and API security insights at a glance

Threat index

NetScaler uses continuously updated threat intelligence feeds to identify potential threats, vulnerabilities, and exploits and a digital rating system to indicate the criticality of application attacks. The threat index for a given application is calculated based on such information as violation type, attack category, attack location, client details, and volume of attacks.

Safety index

The NetScaler safety index is a rating system that indicates how securely you have configured your ADC instances to protect your applications. Your WAF and ADC security configurations must both be strong to achieve a high safety index value. For example, if rigorous application firewall checks are in place but you have not used proper ADC security measures, such as a strong password for your NetScaler administrator (nsroot user), your applications will be assigned a low safety index value.

Behavioral analytics

NetScaler analyzes user behavior, network traffic, and application usage patterns to identify abnormal activities and behaviors that may indicate a security threat.

Machine learning

By using machine learning algorithms to analyze large volumes of data, NetScaler can identify patterns and anomalies that may indicate a security threat and surface the findings for your evaluation.

Real-time alerts and notifications

You can customize real-time alerts and notifications to send via email, SMS, or other communication channels to your security team when NetScaler detects potential threats.

Forensic analysis

NetScaler forensic analysis capabilities allow your security team to investigate incidents and identify the root cause of an attack. Automated analysis of network traffic, application logs, and system logs help to identify the source of the attack and determine the extent of the damage.


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