NetScaler dynamic scaling

The world’s largest companies use NetScaler for dynamic scaling of internet traffic to meet unpredictable fluctuations in demand. With efficient clustering across multi-cloud environments, NetScaler can auto-scale your ADCs across on-premises and cloud deployments to achieve the highest throughput available compared to other solutions.


What you can do with NetScaler dynamic scaling

Auto-scale ADCs in cloud environments to meet fluctuating demand

Gain unparalleled scalability via clustering technology

Auto-scale application servers and automatically add and remove resources

Automate CDN scalability to scale content delivery and minimize costs

Cluster 32 NetScaler hardware devices to achieve up to 6.4 Tbps L7 throughput

Cluster virtual devices to achieve up to 3.2 Tbps L7 throughput


Configure auto-scale parameters

Configure auto-scale parameters

How NetScaler dynamic scaling is different

Backend servers

NetScaler adds backend servers to the load balancing pool as soon as they are started so that they can start to process requests with no further intervention.

Efficient clustering

By adding more NetScaler hardware ADCs to an existing cluster for horizontal scaling, you achieve huge throughput for a single IP and port across multiple hardware appliances simultaneously. Other vendors only offer “pseudo scaling” where they use one IP on one box and a different IP on another.

Auto-scaling and cost transparency in public cloud

With NetScaler, you can prevent a “success disaster” caused by unexpected demand on an application built for tens of requests per day that must suddenly handle millions of requests per hour. NetScaler automatically deploys a fully configured auto-scaling front-end in AWS or Azure in your VPC and provides complete visibility into costs. 


Build a high-speed and scalable NetScaler solution to handle millions of requests per second
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