NetScaler upgrade and security advisory

NetScaler upgrade and security advisory automates the identification of your ADCs and determines whether they are the current or preferred release and are running in accordance with your security policies. NetScaler security advisory guides you through remediation steps to mitigate common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs).


What you can do with NetScaler upgrade and security advisory

Monitor the lifecycle of your ADCs

Identify ADCs that have reached end of life (EOL) or end of maintenance (EOM)

Identify ADCs that are not running on the latest or preferred release 

Scan your ADCs to see their current security settings

Assess the impact of CVEs on your ADCs

Perform faster remediation to mitigate vulnerabilities


Identifying ADCs to upgrade

Identifying ADCs to upgrade

NetScaler upgrade and security advisory at a glance

ADC lifecycle monitoring

Quickly identify ADCs that are reaching EOL or EOM and ADCs not on the latest or preferred release.

Custom configuration scripts

Specify scripts to run before or after an ADC upgrade. You can upgrade immediately or schedule the upgrade for later.

ADC infrastructure protection

Identify CVEs that put your ADCs at risk and mitigate vulnerabilities faster.


Identify outdated ADC firmware with NetScaler upgrade advisory
Proactively protect your ADCs with NetScaler security advisory
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