Application delivery for TIBCO software

NetScaler provides high-performance and secure application delivery for both TIBCO BusinessWorks and TIBCO BusinessConnect. Common use cases for using NetScaler with TIBCO software solutions include:

Application performance

When you’re using an ADC, an API protection service, and a WAF firewall — each from different vendors — every request and response must pass between each and go into a separate queue for inspection. This adds substantial latency. But with NetScaler’s one-pass architecture, all of these inspections are done concurrently in the NetScaler ADC, improving latency and response time and consuming fewer resources.

Application availability

NetScaler global server load balancing (GSLB) provides high availability to seamlessly handle traffic spikes, canary deployments, server and data center failures, and unplanned maintenance and upgrades. And it makes intelligent traffic management decisions to mitigate factors that negatively affect application response times such as physical distance, network congestion, ISP network quality, and more.

Application health monitoring

NetScaler avoids sending requests to a TIBCO BusinessWorks or TIBCO BusinessConnect instance that is down or unable to respond to networking issues that are outside of your control. To provide advanced application switching and traffic management, NetScaler monitors protocols including PING, TCP, SSL, HTTP/S, and UDP using various methods. It also supports the ability to create custom monitors so you can address specific application needs and network quality requirements.

Application security

NetScaler acts as a secure SSL/TLS proxy between clients and application servers, providing end-to-end encryption and protection for applications that may not natively support SSL/TLS or that may have weaker encryption. Because NetScaler uses a common operating system for all form factors, you can easily apply policy-based application and API protections across on-premises and cloud to ensure a consistent security posture.

API discovery

NetScaler ADCs see all API traffic because they sit in front of your application servers. Your API endpoints are conveniently displayed in a graphical view that helps you uncover shadow APIs and take action to manage and secure them. NetScaler’s API discovery capabilities complement the security features of TIBCO Cloud API Management to give you API visibility for applications deployed outside of TIBCO Cloud.

Application troubleshooting 

NetScaler helps you quickly pinpoint issues with applications you’ve integrated with TIBCO BusinessWorks. By learning the baseline response time for each application, NetScaler flags applications with response times that deviate from the norm. NetScaler also integrates with popular enterprise observability tools like Splunk to help you zero in on the root cause of performance and security issues.

Did you know?

TIBCO BusinessWorks is a multi-cloud solution for application integration. Its drag-and-drop graphical development environment makes it easier to connect and unify business processes across applications, data sources, APIs, and environments, eliminating time-consuming point-to-point application integration.

TIBCO BusinessConnect enables the secure exchange of information and automates transactions between your organization and those of your customers, vendors, and trading partners across public and private networks.

Application delivery for TIBCO software with NetScaler

NetScaler provides the lowest latency to ensure an optimal application end-user experience. Only NetScaler uses a one-pass architecture for traffic processing that enables it to perform many functions simultaneously to reduce latency and improve performance. Independent benchmarking confirms that NetScaler outperforms its competitors in every test for latency, throughput, and CPU utilization.

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NetScaler intelligent traffic management for GSLB is a cloud-based DNS service that eliminates the complexity, bottlenecks, and scalability limitations of traditional DNS implementations. Unlike other DNS solutions, NetScaler’s advanced algorithms examine some eight billion real user measurements per day to route traffic to the most appropriate server or resource based on such factors as server capacity, response time, network latency, and client location. NetScaler intelligent traffic management provides the fastest application response times to deliver an optimal experience for application end users.

NetScaler WAF uses a hybrid security model to detect and stop both known and unknown attacks. It is highly effective in protecting against zero-day vulnerabilities like Log4j and Spring4Shell. With NetScaler, you can virtually patch TIBCO BusinessWorks and TIBCO BusinessConnect to intercept attacks in transit until you can fix the application source code. NetScaler WAF integrates with many of the top application vulnerability scanners — Cenzic, Qualys, WhiteHat, and more — so you can turn scan results into policies with just a few clicks.

NetScaler functions as an SSL proxy to offload computationally intensive encryption from TIBCO BusinessWorks and TIBCO BusinessConnect gateway servers while simplifying labor-intensive certificate management. By offloading these tasks from the gateway servers to NetScaler, you can free up server resources to handle other tasks, resulting in improved server performance.

For applications integrated through TIBCO BusinessWorks, NetScaler observes SSL certificates bound to applications and tracks their expiry dates for you. NetScaler makes SSL certificate management easier by providing such capabilities as CSR and SSL certificate creation, SSL certificate installation, SSL certificate and SSL negotiated transaction monitoring, and expiring/expired certificate notification. With NetScaler, you can easily update expired certificates and delete unused certificates.

For applications integrated through TIBCO BusinessWorks, NetScaler can identify issues that degrade application performance and recommend mitigation steps. NetScaler can also identify and report on in real time such server issues as 5xx errors, surge queue buildup from an overloaded server, low active usage of bound services, service flaps, and servers with anomalous response times.

All NetScaler form factors, including a containerized ADC, run on a common operating system. With NetScaler’s single management plane, you manage ADCs the same across on-premises and cloud environments: Configure once and quickly deploy everywhere. Other solutions lack feature parity across environments and force you to use multiple management consoles, resulting in more management overhead.


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