NetScaler BLX

A software form factor for application delivery designed to run natively on bare metal

NetScaler BLX for bare metal runs as a Linux process on your hardware of choice. Because NetScaler BLX is a lightweight software package with no hypervisor or container overhead, you get extraordinarily fast performance. And there‚Äôs no additional cost for hypervisor software. 

Best for:

  • High-throughput environments
  • Latency-sensitive workloads
  • Managing with common Linux deployment tools
  • Granular control of your ADC deployment

Key benefits:

  • Hardware agnostic
  • Cloud ready: No certificates needed to run in cloud
  • Super-fast performance: No hypervisor or container overhead
  • Economical: No need for hypervisor software
  • Other Linux-based applications can also run on the same host
  • Standard Linux tools work to manage and monitor NetScaler BLX appliances
  • Integrates with open source tools supported in Linux environments, such as those for monitoring, debugging, and logging


NetScaler data sheet
NetScaler BLX product documentation

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