NetScaler infrastructure as code

With NetScaler infrastructure as code, (IaC) you can automate the deployment and management of your NetScaler ADC infrastructure and easily scale it. IaC is the process of managing infrastructure in a declarative manner using code.

IaC ensures consistency in your infrastructure by defining the configuration in code. This reduces the risk of misconfigurations that can lead to security vulnerabilities or downtime.  NetScaler IaC also allows you to version control your infrastructure so you can track changes and roll back to a previous version if necessary. And it allows teams to collaborate on the same infrastructure using code repositories and version control systems.


What you can do with NetScaler infrastructure as code

Provision ADC infrastructure for both on-premises and cloud deployments

Automate the configuration management of your NetScaler ADC infrastructure

Support DevOps and CI/CD processes with fewer people

Ensure consistent deployments across all clouds

Use comprehensive IaC templates that are pre-hardened, highly customizable scripts

Version control your infrastructure to track changes and roll back to a previous version if necessary


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