NetScaler pricing

More subscription options to give you more flexibility

We’ve expanded NetScaler subscription options to offer a single comprehensive subscription that includes both software and hardware ADCs.

NetScaler subscription options

Hardware ADCs

Single and multi-tenant physical appliances

Deployed on-premises

Fixed-throughput subscription: 1 Gbps - 200 Gbps

Best for: Predictable application demand

Software ADCs

Virtual appliances

Deployed on-premises and/or in cloud

Fixed-throughput subscription: 200 Mbps - 100 Gbps

Best for: Predictable application demand

Software + hardware ADCs

Virtual and physical appliances and containerized ADCs

Deployed on-premises and/or in cloud

Flexible-throughput subscription: Pooled throughput capacity flexibly allocated to virtual and physical appliances

Best for: A mix of predictable and spiky application demand

NetScaler subscription plans give you:


A choice of subscription plans provides the option to purchase software ADCs, hardware ADCs, or both


OpEx allocation allows for predictable spending and improved cash flow


No matter where you choose to deploy your ADCs, your NetScaler subscription price will remain the same

For more information on NetScaler pricing, contact your NetScaler representative or service provider. 

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