NetScaler training and certifications

Get the most from your investment in NetScaler with on-demand and instructor-led training and certifications.

NetScaler for Citrix deployments

Not only can you use NetScaler for delivering customer-facing monolithic and microservices applications, but you can also use NetScaler to deliver Citrix virtual desktop infrastructure and enterprise applications to your workforce. And because NetScaler is included in the Citrix platform, we offer NetScaler training and certifications for your Citrix deployments to help you get the most out of your investment. 

NetScaler for monolithic and microservices deployments

We’ll soon be providing training courses on using NetScaler for application delivery and security in non-Citrix environments, including for cloud native deployments. For help from NetScaler experts, including NetScaler engineers and product managers, visit the NetScaler Community

Discover the benefits of training

Maximize the capabilities of NetScaler and Citrix with technical training. You'll see the difference:

  • Fewer support calls
  • Faster troubleshooting
  • More performant and reliable deployments
  • Optimal application end-user experience

Become self-sufficient with NetScaler for Citrix deployments

Training equips you to solve issues independently, minimizing the need for support. We don't simply show you how it works, we also explain why — so you see the big picture.

Upgrade your skills and knowledge

Whether you’re just starting out with NetScaler for Citrix deployments or you’re a seasoned professional looking to advance your skills, you’ll find a range of courses to meet your learning goals.

Maximize your investment in NetScaler and Citrix

To get the best ROI from NetScaler and Citrix, take advantage of features and functionality that go beyond the basics. We'll show you how to deploy additional capabilities.

Note: NetScaler and Citrix share the same training and certification system. Check out the options below on how you can get more from both NetScaler and Citrix. 

Learn at your pace with on-demand training

Pluralsight is where you’ll find all NetScaler and Citrix eLearning courses. Because we’re committed to your professional development, we’re providing all on-demand training courses at no additional cost as part of your active NetScaler or Citrix subscription.

On-demand: Experience the freedom of Pluralsight, where on-demand content is now free.

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Gain expert insights with instructor-led training

Citrix and NetScaler instructor-led courses are delivered in an on-site classroom from an Authorized Training Provider (ATP). All Citrix Certified Instructors (CCI) undergo a strict process to ensure a world-class learner experience.

Virtualization courses: 

Networking courses offered:

Note: In the course descriptions and materials, you may see NetScaler referred to by its former name Citrix ADC as well as Citrix App Delivery and Security and Citrix Application Delivery Management.

Enroll today!

Select your location below to find your closest Authorized Training Provider (ATP). Contact the learning center for class schedules and to book your training. 

Advance your career with Citrix Certifications

It's personally satisfying to master powerful technology. In pay, promotion, and prestige, it can be rewarding to demonstrate mastery with Citrix certifications.

Certifications validate your Citrix and NetScaler for Citrix knowledge, skills, and expertise to your peers, manager, and the industry. They give you a valuable benchmark when comparing your qualifications with others’ during a job search or a performance evaluation.

Earning certifications can also help you command a higher salary than the market average and qualify for new opportunities and responsibilities.

Certification path 

Below are the paths to becoming a certified expert in virtualization and/or application delivery and security. All learners must start with the Associate level certification to advance to the Professional and Expert levels.

Citrix Certified Associate (CCA) Citrix Certified Professional (CCP) Citrix Certified Expert (CCE)
Citrix Certified Associate - Virtualization (CCA-V)

Citrix Certified Associate - App Delivery and Security (CCA-AppDS)
Citrix Certified Professional - Virtualization (CCP-V)

Citrix Certified Professional - App Delivery and Security (CCP-AppDS)
Citrix Certified Expert - Virtualization (CCE-V)

Citrix Certified Expert - App Delivery and Security  (CCE-AppDS)

Take your Citrix exams

Below are the Citrix Certification exam options with respective preparation guides and application links to register for an exam. 

  • 204 - Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 Administration
    Certification: CCA-V
    Exam Preparation Guide: EN | JA | Exam Application
  • 231 - Deploy and Manage NetScaler 13 with Citrix Gateway
    Certification: CCA-AppDS
    Exam Preparation Guide: EN | JA | Exam Application
  • 241 - Deploy and Manage NetScaler with Traffic Management
    Certification: CCA-AppDS
    Exam Preparation Guide: EN | JA | Exam Application
  • 312 - Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 Advanced Administration
    Certification: CCP-V
    Exam Preparation Guide: EN | JA | Exam Application
  • 341 - NetScaler Advanced Topics – Security, Management, and Optimization
    Certification: CCP-AppDS
    Exam Preparation Guide: EN | JA | Exam Application
  • 403 - Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 Assessment, Design, and Advanced Configurations
    Certification: CCE-V
    Exam Preparation Guide: EN | JA | Exam Application
  • 440 - Architecting a Citrix Networking Solution
    Certification: CCE-AppDS
    Exam Preparation Guide: EN | Exam Application

For more information, review the certification process and exam policies.

Master your skills with self-paced online labs

In partnership with Layer 8 Training, Citrix and NetScaler lab modules are now available for purchase. Gain practical experience in virtual Citrix and NetScaler practice environments available worldwide.

Self-Paced Labs: Choose from a library of Lab exercises to reinforce your Pluralsight Learning and get job-ready.

View the lab module library.

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