Cloud native and Kubernetes use cases

Cloud native applications are built to allow for continuous updating of code without affecting the application end-user experience. Built with microservices running in containers, cloud native applications use Kubernetes as a container orchestrator.

Application delivery controllers (ADCs) manage traffic for Kubernetes clusters by providing advanced load balancing, service discovery, traffic management, security, and analytics capabilities.

Load balancing

ADCs distribute traffic across multiple instances of an application, helping to ensure high availability and scalability. In Kubernetes, this is particularly important because applications are typically deployed as containers across multiple nodes.

Service discovery

ADCs automatically discover the endpoints of the services running in the  Kubernetes cluster and route traffic to the correct endpoints. This capability is particularly useful in dynamic environments where services are added or removed frequently.

Traffic management

ADCs provide advanced traffic management capabilities such as traffic shaping, traffic prioritization, and traffic redirection to help ensure optimal performance of the applications in the Kubernetes cluster.

SSL termination

ADCs handle SSL/TLS encryption and decryption, offloading this processing from the application servers and improving performance.

Application security

ADCs provide application-layer security by blocking malicious traffic, preventing DDoS attacks, and detecting and mitigating other types of threats.

Analytics and monitoring

ADCs provide detailed analytics and monitoring capabilities to help you understand the performance of the applications and the Kubernetes cluster as a whole.

Did you know?

The same NetScaler that you've been using for your traditional three-tier applications also works for your modern cloud native applications. With NetScaler's Kubernetes ingress capabilities, you can secure and accelerate ingress traffic for one or multiple Kubernetes clusters.

Cloud native and Kubernetes with NetScaler

NetScaler Ingress Controller exposes Kubernetes services outside the cluster and supports advanced traffic management capabilities such as SSL offloading, load balancing, and content switching.

NetScaler integrates with service mesh technologies such as Istio and Envoy, providing additional traffic management and security capabilities for microservices.

NetScaler functions as an API gateway to manage and secure API traffic. It supports advanced API management features such as rate limiting, authentication, and authorization.

NetScaler global server load balancing (GSLB) distributes traffic across multiple data centers and cloud regions, which is particularly useful for microservices that need to be deployed across multiple geographic locations for high availability and fault tolerance.

NetScaler automatically scales the infrastructure based on the workload demand. It integrates with the Kubernetes horizontal pod auto-scaler to automatically adjust the number of NetScaler ADC instances based on the demand.


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