Why retail companies rely on NetScaler

Competition in the retail industry is fierce, and customers expect a seamless shopping experience both online and in person. Retail companies who adopt an omni-channel strategy seek to digitalize their operations to provide excellent customer service.

And the key to providing world-class customer service is ensuring that your employees have secure always-on access to your business-critical applications. They must be able to reliably and quickly access corporate resources to provide customers with purchasing assistance and product support.


How NetScaler helps

With NetScaler you can:

Deliver highly available applications

Stop fraudulent transactions

Protect against DDoS and bot attacks

Provide an optimal application end-user experience

Pinpoint application performance bottlenecks within any environment

Enable API service discovery and protect APIs

Operational consistency across multi-cloud

To deliver secure applications in a consistent manner wherever your applications reside, NetScaler uses a single code base for all form factors. And NetScaler provides a single dashboard for automated ADC configuration across on-premises and cloud environments so you can configure once and quickly deploy everywhere.

Internet-state observability

Only NetScaler eliminates the internet blind spot to give you visibility into the state of the internet. NetScaler automatically routes traffic to the optimal server for each application end user so you can deliver real-time information.

Comprehensive application and API security

NetScaler protects internet-facing and internal applications against known and unknown vulnerabilities, including zero-day attacks. And NetScaler WAF, unlike next-generation firewalls, protects applications against the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities, mitigates bots, and protects APIs.

Secure access to applications

With zero-trust network (ZTNA) access, you can employ granular security controls to grant and restrict access to internal-facing applications based on role hierarchies — without compromising application end-user experience. NetScaler MFA tokens are compatible with the MS Authenticator and Google Authenticator mobile apps.

Real-time insights and rich analytics  

NetScaler provides map visualization, or service graphs, that make it easy to identify application performance issues and troubleshoot faster. Quickly determine if an issue originates from the client, the ADC, or your application.

Reduced cloud infrastructure costs

Connection multiplexing is a method of reusing connections to avoid the overhead on a server when establishing new connections for each request. NetScaler connection multiplexing ensures that server connections are efficiently reused, resulting in dramatically reduced SSL/TLS load on backend servers.

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“We explored other cloud native load-balancing solutions, but they were very basic in comparison to NetScaler. We were already comfortable with the NetScaler platform, so it’s of huge value not needing to learn an inferior load-balancing technology.”

Florian Westerdahl

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Top reasons why retail companies prefer NetScaler

Competing ADC solutions don’t deliver the best performance

NetScaler provides the lowest latency to ensure an optimal application end-user experience. Independent benchmarking confirms that NetScaler outperforms its competitors in every test for latency, throughput, and CPU utilization.

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Cloud load balancers are too basic

Cloud providers’ native load balancing solutions don’t account for internet latency or work as well for hybrid cloud and cloud native deployments as NetScaler. And with NetScaler, you avoid lock-in to cloud provider load balancing services.

Other solutions don’t offer feature parity across environments

All NetScaler form factors, including a containerized ADC, run on a common operating system. With NetScaler’s single management plane, you configure and manage ADCs the same regardless where you deploy your applications. Other solutions lack feature parity across environments and force you to use multiple management consoles, resulting in more management overhead.


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