Secure application delivery use cases

Modern software applications comprise code from many sources, including proprietary code and open source libraries. So taking shortcuts with security — whether that’s failing to implement user authorization at the beginning or failing to scan for vulnerabilities later — exposes your applications and APIs to attacks.

Common use cases for secure application delivery all have the same goal: achieving a strong security posture for applications and APIs.

Securing external applications

When developing customer-facing applications, developers may not prioritize application security, especially when the tools they use do not provide it. You must secure your custom applications and API endpoints to protect sensitive business and user data from both known and unknown attacks.

Securing internal applications

The use of cloud-based enterprise SaaS applications can leave organizations vulnerable to cyberattacks. IT lacks visibility into the internet, which has replaced the corporate WAN for application delivery. You can use a WAF to apply signature protections for known vulnerabilities and provide native MFA capabilities that support a vast array of authentication protocols and enforce single sign-on for enterprise applications.

Securing microservices

The use of microservices architectures is growing, and so is the need to secure the endpoints that leave applications and APIs vulnerable to attack. The ability of an application delivery and security solution to integrate with the observability tools that developers already use is key to monitoring and securing microservices.

Protecting brand reputation

Securing your applications is crucial to protect your brand reputation because it ensures that your customers' data and information are safe from hackers and cybercriminals. When a security breach occurs, it can result in sensitive data being stolen, compromised, or leaked, causing irreparable damage to your brand's reputation and credibility.

Ensuring regulatory compliance

Many industries are subject to regulations that require secure application delivery. For example, healthcare providers must comply with HIPAA regulations, and financial institutions must comply with PCI DSS regulations. Secure application delivery can help ensure compliance with these regulations and avoid penalties for non-compliance.

Did you know?

NetScaler is the only application delivery and security platform that uses a one-pass architecture for traffic processing. This capability enables NetScaler to perform many functions simultaneously — including security inspections  — to reduce latency and improve performance.

Secure application delivery with NetScaler

NetScaler protects internet-facing and internal applications against known and unknown vulnerabilities, including zero-day attacks. And NetScaler WAF, unlike next-generation firewalls, protects applications against the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities, mitigates bots, and protects APIs.

All NetScaler form factors, including a containerized ADC, run on a common operating system. With NetScaler’s single management plane, you manage application security the same across hybrid cloud environments: Configure once and quickly deploy everywhere.

NetScaler provides map visualization, or service graphs, that make it easy to identify application performance issues that may stem from known or unknown attacks. Quickly determine if an issue originates from the client, the ADC, or your application.

Use NetScaler WAF to apply signature protections for known vulnerabilities, without having to immediately patch the affected server.

With zero trust network access (ZTNA), you can employ granular security controls to grant and restrict access to internal-facing applications based on role hierarchies — without compromising application end-user experience. NetScaler MFA tokens are compatible with the MS Authenticator and Google Authenticator mobile apps.

NetScaler comes with built-in security features so you can consolidate and simplify your infrastructure, eliminating the need to purchase multiple point solutions.


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