NetScaler intent-based configuration

With NetScaler intent-based configuration, simply define your application delivery and security KPIs, and NetScaler will translate them into policy-based orchestration. NetScaler also eliminates the guesswork from multi-cloud application delivery by selecting the best hosting location for your application and configuring your ADCs accordingly.


What NetScaler intent-based configuration automatically does for you

Identifies the best location for application server and ADC hosting

Adjusts GSLB for changing internet and server conditions and steers application end users to the lowest-latency sites

Automates security protections and defends against zero-day attacks

Configures the ADC auto-scale threshold

Self-heals and optimizes when performance degrades

Detects and fixes configuration drift


Detect and auto-replace a slow server

NetScaler intent-based configuration

NetScaler intent-based configuration at a glance

Intent-based workflows

Based on your specified intent, NetScaler prepares your infrastructure to deliver your applications by translating your intent into policies, which translate into orchestration.

Simple and fast deployment

NetScaler seamlessly integrates with multi-cloud services so you can set up your application in minutes. You save time by eliminating error-prone manual configuration.

Elastic provisioning

NetScaler provides on-demand provisioning and scaling of ADCs based on your application load. Your ADC infrastructure is automatically scaled up during heavy traffic and scaled down when there is less demand.

Application hosting recommendations

To deliver an optimal application experience, NetScaler identifies the best available PoP based on prevailing internet conditions for each individual application end user.

Smart application server management

NetScaler automatically removes poor-performing application servers that degrade the application end-user experience.

Stronger security

Define your security requirements with a single click. For example, if you want to ensure the strongest SSL encryption, with just one click you can tell NetScaler to set up all your SSL interactions to achieve Qualys SSL Labs A+ certification.


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Using NetScaler to handle millions of requests per second

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