API security use cases

Application delivery and security solutions offer a wide array of protections to secure API endpoints and API traffic for common security use cases.

Authentication and authorization

Application delivery and security solutions can authenticate API requests from clients and authorize access to specific APIs based on roles and permissions. This helps ensure that only authorized clients can access sensitive data or perform critical operations.

DDoS attack prevention

By using rate limiting to limit the number of API requests that a client can make within a specific time frame, you can prevent DDoS attacks and ensure that the API is available to all clients.

Threat protection

Detecting and mitigating common API security threats, such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and CSRF attacks helps protect against data breaches and other types of cyberattacks.

API traffic control

An application delivery controller can act as an API gateway, providing a centralized point for managing API access and enforcing security policies. It also makes API monitoring and usage analysis easier.


Employing strong API security protections can help organizations meet such compliance requirements as PCI DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR for securing sensitive data and protecting user privacy.

Did you know?

According to Forrester, companies are exposing more than 50 percent of their applications to the internet or to third-party services via APIs, so the likelihood of your APIs being attacked is a matter of when, not if.

API security with NetScaler

NetScaler protects internet-facing and internal applications against known and unknown vulnerabilities, including zero-day attacks. And NetScaler WAF, unlike next-generation firewalls, protects applications against the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities, mitigates bots, and protects APIs.

All NetScaler form factors, including a containerized ADC, run on a common operating system. With NetScaler’s single management plane, you manage APIs the same across hybrid cloud environments: Configure once and quickly deploy everywhere. Other solutions lack feature parity across environments and force you to use multiple management consoles, resulting in more management overhead.

NetScaler provides map visualization, or service graphs, that make it easy to identify security issues that stem from known or unknown attacks. Quickly determine which API is compromised.

NetScaler comes with built-in security features so you can consolidate and simplify your infrastructure, eliminating the need to purchase multiple point solutions.


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