The value of using Red Hat and NetScaler together

Red Hat enterprise open source solutions are popular with large organizations that want to orchestrate containerized workloads, automate operations, and use Linux as a standard operating environment for distributed applications. NetScaler seamlessly integrates with Red Hat solutions to optimize and secure ingress traffic, provide advanced network automation, and deliver highly performant applications.

NetScaler integrates with Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Ingress traffic management

Red Hat OpenShift and NetScaler

NetScaler enables you to optimize, secure, and route ingress traffic to a single or multiple OpenShift clusters.

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Network automation

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform and NetScaler

NetScaler seamlessly integrates with Ansible to provide network automation for Day 0 - N operations for faster application deployment.

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High-performance application delivery

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and NetScaler

NetScaler works as a feature-rich application delivery controller (ADC) on RHEL for high-performance and secure application delivery.

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NetScaler and Red Hat OpenShift for ingress traffic management

Using NetScaler for ingress traffic management with Red Hat OpenShift

If you’re using or considering the Red Hat OpenShift enterprise platform for container orchestration, you may find it challenging to manage ingress in your Kubernetes environment. NetScaler is an elegant solution for routing, securing, and optimizing ingress traffic to a single or multiple OpenShift clusters.

Use NetScaler operators for Kubernetes ingress

Getting requests into and out of an OpenShift cluster can be challenging. NetScaler solves this problem with operators that use Kubernetes constructs for providing ingress control into OpenShift clusters as well as automating the lifecycle management of NetScaler hardware and software application delivery controllers (ADCs).

Provide access to services external to an OpenShift cluster

NetScaler seamlessly integrates into your existing networking fabric without creating additional hops, and it eliminates the need to re-architect your network.  You can either deploy a NetScaler application delivery controller (ADC) outside an OpenShift cluster or deploy  NetScaler CPX (a containerized ADC) as a pod inside the cluster.

Ensure consistent ingress across on-premises and cloud

Because microservices can be deployed on-premises and on public cloud, using different ingress methods across environments leads to inconsistencies and adds to operational complexity. NetScaler provides a consistent approach to ingress for hybrid cloud application delivery.

Migrate legacy applications to OpenShift

Traditionally, applications were written to use the TCP/UDP networking protocols, but Kubernetes ingress objects don’t support TCP, TCP-SSL, or UDP for microservices-based applications. NetScaler Ingress Controller supports TCP/UDP protocols along with HTTP/HTTPS requirements for modern application delivery.

Route application traffic

You can route traffic between containers inside the Red Hat OpenShift platform using NetScaler CPX, a containerized application delivery controller

Optimize application traffic

NetScaler observability goes beyond simple monitoring to not only alert you that something is wrong, but to also help you pinpoint application issues so you can fix them faster

Automate security configuration

NetScaler supports SSL and mTLS as well as all certificate and key management solutions including Let’s Encrypt

Ensure failover handling for high availability

As the access point for traffic into the cluster, NetScaler elastically scales to handle failover events without disruption or downtime — including any event that causes the cluster to be unavailable

Enable rolling upgrades

The ability to upgrade applications without disrupting traffic is non-negotiable for production environments. NetScaler Ingress Controller supports software updates without downtime.

NetScaler and Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform for network automation

Using NetScaler with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform for network automation

Ansible Automation Platform (AAP) is Red Hat’s suite of tools designed to automate IT operations, streamline workflows, and improve the efficiency and reliability of managing IT infrastructure. It is widely used by DevOps and systems administrators to manage infrastructure as code and to automate workflows. AAP comprises three components: Ansible Engine, Ansible Tower, and Automation Hub. NetScaler seamlessly integrates with AAP to provide network automation for Day 0 - N operations for faster application deployment.

Automate workflows using infrastructure as code

By using Ansible with NetScaler, you can define NetScaler configurations as code in playbooks where they are executed as a set of tasks with a single Ansible command

Release applications faster

Ansible playbooks for NetScaler integrate with your existing CI/CD tools to automate the networking and security configurations for your applications, eliminating repetitive, manual work

Configure NetScaler for application portability

Ansible playbooks for NetScaler enable repeatable deployments across distributed environments, enabling version control and code portability across on-premises and cloud

Automate NetScaler configurations with an application-centric API

NetScaler Next-Gen API features an intuitive application-centric interface that abstracts many of the low-level complexities of traditional NetScaler configurations and uses a declarative approach to achieve desired state for hybrid- and multi-cloud application delivery

No need to be a NetScaler expert

NetScaler offers a declarative approach to configuring ADCs that simplifies application delivery and security, whether that’s implementing a single NetScaler capability or configuring NetScaler to deliver a complex enterprise application

Nothing additional to install

Using Ansible with NetScaler is agentless: There’s no need to install or maintain additional software 

NetScaler and Red Hat Enterprise Linux RHEL for application portability

Using NetScaler on Red Hat Enterprise Linux for application portability across environments

NetScaler BLX is a software form factor for bare metal that brings enterprise-grade application delivery controller (ADC) capabilities to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) platform. NetScaler BLX runs directly on bare metal or a virtual machine and is ideally suited for highly performant applications that need to be portable across on-premises and public cloud environments.

Achieve high-performance application delivery

NetScaler BLX is powered by the open source Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) technology to deliver high performance on RHEL: On a 10 G NIC, the line-rate performance of a NetScaler BLX can handle data at the maximum speed of 10 Gbps without any slowdown or packet loss

Ensure application portability across hybrid cloud

NetScaler BLX on RHEL for bare-metal deployments is ideal for hybrid cloud environments because it works the same on-premises and in public cloud

Realize faster time to value and reduce operational costs

Easily deploy NetScaler BLX using Ansible, Terraform, or NetScaler’s native automation capabilities to achieve faster time to value and reduce operational costs


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