Intelligent traffic management with NetScaler

NetScaler intelligent traffic management (ITM) is a cloud-managed domain name system (DNS) solution for centrally controlling and automating DNS and performing intelligent global server load balancing (GSLB) for multi-cloud networks. ITM monitors some ten billion real user measurements per day, eliminating the complexity, bottlenecks, and scalability limitations of traditional DNS implementations. 

In traditional GSLB deployments, you use a simple DNS to look up locations, and then set up a round-robin distribution of traffic across data center locations.

But application performance can be affected by such factors as physical distance, the number of network devices that have to be crossed (also referred to as the number of hops), network congestion, and the ISP network. 

That’s why an advanced algorithm like ITM that uses real-time data for GSLB decisions is essential for delivering super-fast application responses and a great experience for the application end user. Try this interactive tool to see ITM in action

Additionally, ITM routes traffic to the data center that is best for a particular user or application. It bases the decision on real-user monitoring and real-time parameters rather than relying on the static methods used by traditional GSLBs. For example, in hybrid cloud deployments, ITM can detect when application traffic to an on-premises instance can’t handle a sudden unpredictable spiky load and will instead send the traffic to a public cloud instance.


What you can do with NetScaler intelligent traffic management

Know the conditions of internet traffic in real time and use automated GSLB to handle optimal traffic routing for you

Improve application response times and user experience thanks to insights collated every day from 10B internet-state data points from 1B users across 50K networks

Automatically detect global outages and re-route traffic — hours before public cloud providers notify you

Automatically adapt to changes in the network and application environment so that application end users are always connected to the best-performing resource

See collated latency, throughput, and availability data in a visual map for easy consumption

Reduce costs by optimizing infrastructure to avoid purchasing additional hardware or cloud resources


Using NetScaler intelligent traffic management


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