NetScaler is the only application delivery and security platform where you can manage all of your ADC operations in one place.

NetScaler application delivery and security platform

Environment agnostic. Intent based. API driven.
Application delivery for a multi-cloud world

How it works

The flexible all-in-one platform for application delivery and security

  • NetScaler automates application delivery at scale by using an infrastructure-as-code approach to deploying your ADCs
  • A common operating system for all form factors and a single management plane make it easy to consistently manage your ADCs across hybrid and multi-cloud environments
  • A one-pass architecture — available only from NetScaler — processes security and other ADC functions in a single pass to reduce latency for super-fast application performance

Unparalleled performance to deliver applications faster

Comprehensive security for all applications and API endpoints across all environments

Rich analytics and real-time insights for performance optimization and faster troubleshooting


Seamless and secure application delivery with NetScaler as a service

NetScaler builds features designed to fill the gap between what other ADC vendors offer and what you need for fast and secure application delivery.

High-performance application delivery


The internet is a blind spot for application delivery over which you have no control. The result is poor application response time that can negatively impact application end-user experience resulting in the loss of workforce productivity, customer loyalty, brand reputation, and revenue.

Game changer

NetScaler Intelligent Traffic Management uses real-time and historical telemetry to give you visibility into the state of the internet. Now you can bypass internet bottlenecks and direct traffic to locations with the lowest latency and fewest active connections to ensure an optimal application end-user experience.


ADC configuration can be time consuming and error prone when done manually, especially by DevOps teams and others without networking expertise.

Game changer

Intent-based application delivery from NetScaler automates the lifecycle management of ADCs based on policies you define. This declarative approach requires no programming expertise. You simply define the ideal state, and then NetScaler does the rest — such as automatically selecting the best hosting location for your applications based on individual user requests.

Comprehensive application and API security


While attackers are becoming more sophisticated in their attack methods, many are successful at compromising your applications by using tried-and-true methods like DDoS attacks.

Game changer

To stop DNS-based DDoS attacks, NetScaler Intelligent Traffic Management provides scalable DNS resolution at the edge rather than the data center for faster responses to user DNS queries up to 1 million requests per second.


IT teams are integrating security inspections into their ADCs to protect applications from attack, but layers of security introduce long delays, which can degrade application performance.

Game changer

NetScaler uses a one-pass architecture for traffic processing that enables it to perform many functions simultaneously, reducing latency and improving performance. This applies in particular to WAF inspection, where the latency of each request can be reduced significantly.

End-to-end observability


Troubleshooting the source of application performance issues like downtime and slowness can be extremely challenging and time consuming.

Game changer

NetScaler uses hundreds of network traffic data points — more than any competing solution — to pinpoint performance and security issues. By turning these insights into policy-based actions, you can eliminate performance and security blind spots.


Works with the tools you know and prefer

NetScaler integrates with the major public clouds, Kubernetes platforms, and container orchestrators, and the most popular infrastructure-as-code and observability tools.

Public clouds

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Kubernetes platforms and container orchestrators

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Infrastructure-as-code tools

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Third-party observability tools

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