Kubernetes ingress with NetScaler

When you are running an application inside a Kubernetes cluster, you need to provide a way for external users to access the applications from outside the Kubernetes cluster. Kubernetes provides an object called ingress that allows you to define the rules for accessing the services within the Kubernetes cluster. It provides the most effective way to externally access multiple services running inside the cluster using a stable IP address.

A Kubernetes ingress controller is an application deployed inside the cluster that interprets rules defined in the ingress. The ingress controller converts the ingress rules into configuration instructions for a load balancing application integrated with the cluster. The load balancer can be a software application running inside your Kubernetes cluster or a hardware appliance running outside the cluster.


What you can do with NetScaler Ingress Controller

Load balance TCP, TCP‑SSL, and UDP traffic for Kubernetes in addition to HTTP and HTTPS

Load balance east-west traffic at layer 7, unlike Kubernetes alone that offers limited layer 4 load balancing only

Use single-tier topologies to handle high rates of change, and dual-tier topologies to offload security functions and for relatively static organizational policies while segmenting control between network operators and Kubernetes operators

Apply rewrite and responder policies for application traffic for efficiently load balancing traffic at layer 7

Use the same ingress capabilities across on-premises and public cloud

Load balance bare metal Kubernetes clusters

NetScaler Ingress Controller for Kubernetes at a glance

TCP, TCP‑SSL, and UDP traffic support

Standard Kubernetes ingress solutions provide layer 7 load balancing (HTTP or HTTPS traffic) only, but NetScaler Ingress Controller also provides TCP, TCP‑SSL, and UDP traffic support

Policies for advanced traffic management

Kubernetes Ingress lacks enterprise-grade traffic management policies but NetScaler Ingress Controller fills the gap with policies like rewrite and responder policies for efficiently load balancing traffic at layer 7 

Single‑tier and dual‑tier topologies

NetScaler provides single‑tier and dual‑tier topologies to give you flexibility for managing your NetScaler ADCs and Kubernetes environment

Layer 7 load balancing for east‑west traffic

Kubernetes natively provides only limited layer 4 load balancing, but NetScaler Ingress Controller provides layer 7 load balancing for east‑west traffic

Load balancer service for bare metal

NetScaler provides a load balancer service for bare metal: There is no natively available load balancer for a Kubernetes cluster running on bare metal

Ingress control across environments

NetScaler Ingress Controller works seamlessly across on-premises and public cloud


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