NetScaler web application firewall

Only NetScaler uses a one-pass architecture for traffic processing that enables it to perform web application firewall (WAF) inspection in a single pass. This significantly reduces the latency of each request for optimal application performance. And because advanced WAF capabilities come built in with NetScaler, there‚Äôs no need to purchase a separate WAF solution. 

NetScaler WAF hybrid security model

NetScaler application threat index

For the most comprehensive protection from OWASP Top 10 attacks to zero-day exploits, NetScaler WAF employs a hybrid security model that incorporates policies, profiles, and signatures to protect against known and unknown web application attacks. 

To save you time, NetScaler WAF uses automated learning, called dynamic profiling, to understand how a protected application works. By using a repetitive-pattern filter, NetScaler WAF adapts to the application even as developers continue to develop and deploy it, so it is always protected.

One WAF, multiple deployment options

NetScaler WAF provides operational consistency and the same comprehensive protection no matter where your application is hosted: 

  • On hardware
  • As a VM on hardware
  • As a VM on-premises or in the cloud 
  • On bare metal
  • In a container
  • In the cloud and fully managed by NetScaler 
  • As-a-service with DDoS included


What you can do with NetScaler web application firewall

Detect attacks early by using pre-configured and customized signature rules for pattern matching to block attacks

Defend against application-layer attacks with built-in security checks

Patch vulnerabilities on the fly with signature protections for known vulnerabilities 

Distinguish between good and bad bots to protect your application from attack

Prevent spam requests from known bad IPs by restricting traffic into your network 

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Detecting attacks early with NetScaler WAF

NetScaler WAF at a glance

WAF protection at massive scale

Attack matching to unique application flows helps enterprises with hundreds or thousands of applications to detect and mitigate threats, so SecOps teams can focus on strategic initiatives or vulnerabilities elsewhere in their infrastructure

One-pass architecture

One-pass architecture provides the most efficient traffic inspection without compromising application performance

Hybrid security model

Hybrid security model uses both signatures to block unwanted traffic and positive security checks to enforce what is allowed

Dynamic profiling

Dynamic profiling applies automated security checks even as the application is continuously developed and deployed

Operational consistency

Hosted on-premises or in the cloud with operational consistency across both

Comprehensive protection

Protects against known and unknown attacks, including OWASP Top 10 and zero-day threats, using multiple threat research sources

Always-on protection

Automates protection against internet-based attacks and keeps traffic in the cloud or on-premises at the edge


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