NetScaler on IBM Cloud

NetScaler on IBM Cloud is ideal for delivering highly scalable, resilient, and secure applications at a lower cost. And NetScaler works the same across both on-premises data centers and IBM Cloud to simplify application delivery.

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NetScaler on IBM use cases

Hybrid cloud application delivery

Policy-based traffic isolation

Secure application delivery

SSL offloading

Global server load balancing

Phased cloud migration

Why NetScaler on IBM Cloud?

Reduced costs

Bot and threat-actor traffic removal: IBM Cloud charges by the bandwidth used and number of requests, so removing approximately 40 percent of the traffic requests caused by bots frees up backend services and results in significant savings

Connection multiplexing: By re-using connections to backend resources, backend servers have less load, so fewer resources are needed to support the same load

Caching content: By serving cached content, NetScaler reduces the workload of the backend resources and, as a result, reduces the number of resources required

Stronger security with no performance hit

To protect applications from attack, you could integrate security inspections into IBM Cloud's load balancer. But layers of security introduce long delays, which can affect the application end-user experience. By using NetScaler instead, you benefit from its one-pass architecture for traffic processing, which performs many functions simultaneously — including security inspections — to reduce latency and improve performance.

Centralized management to save time and reduce configuration errors 

NetScaler works the same on IBM Cloud as it does on-premises: You use the same management plane and configuration commands for application delivery no matter where you host your application. From a single dashboard, you can streamline the management, monitoring, and troubleshooting of your application delivery on IBM Cloud.


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