NetScaler bot mitigation

As part of a comprehensive approach to application security, NetScaler bot mitigation analyzes the traffic patterns and behaviors of incoming requests to detect malicious bots. NetScaler provides a variety of bot mitigation mechanisms, including filtering, to prevent bad bots from compromising your applications and overwhelming your infrastructure.

NetScaler’s bot mitigation capabilities protect web applications from a variety of bot attacks, including attacks launched by scanner, crawler, and credential stuffing bots. By using bot mitigation in combination with NetScaler Web Application Firewall and NetScaler API security capabilities, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and advanced endpoint analysis (EPA), you can reduce your attack surface and strengthen your organization’s security posture.


What you can do with NetScaler bot mitigation

Turn on bot detection with just a few clicks

Analyze traffic patterns to identify bot activity

Detect and mitigate malicious bot traffic

Block all sophisticated bad bots, including scanner and crawler bots

Get holistic protection with bot mitigation in combination with NetScaler Web Application Firewall

Enhance bot detection by using device fingerprinting based on multiple device properties


Using NetScaler bot mitigation

Bot mitigation dashboard


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