NetScaler VPX

A software form factor for application delivery across on-premises and cloud

NetScaler VPX is a virtual form factor that provides capabilities typically offered only on specialized, high-end network devices. Deploy NetScaler VPX on your preferred hypervisor and achieve high SSL performance with no hardware acceleration.

Best for:

  • Hybrid cloud application delivery that requires a virtual form factor
  • Load balancing across on-premises and public clouds
  • Replacing hardware-based application delivery
  • Ensuring operational consistency of NetScaler across development, test, and production environments
  • Architecting scalable multi-tenant infrastructure with full isolation

Key benefits:

  • Reduces hardware server costs by 60%
  • Accelerates application performance by 5x
  • Provides consolidation of remote access infrastructure with a single URL
  • Improves application security with centralized policy management
  • Provides edge security for data center networks
  • Ensures high availability
  • Provides monitoring of application and network traffic
  • Provides SSL VPN-based remote access


NetScaler data sheet
NetScaler VPX documentation

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