NetScaler SSL/TLS offloading

NetScaler SSL/TLS offloading is a powerful feature that improves the performance and security of web applications. 

SSL/TLS offloading is the process of decrypting incoming SSL/TLS traffic at the ADC and then re-encrypting it before forwarding it to the backend servers. This allows the ADC to handle the SSL/TLS processing instead of the servers, reducing the workload on the servers and improving their performance. 

Additionally, SSL/TLS offloading can simplify certificate management by centralizing the management of certificates at the ADC.


What you can do with NetScaler SSL/TLS offloading

Protect thousands of sites at once with a single profile update

Easily manage SSL certificates and set notifications for certificates that are unused or soon to expire

Automate certificate management for cloud native applications

Accelerate SSL transactions while maintaining end-to-end security

Use a pre-built SSL profile to achieve A+ SSL configurations

Send HTTPS requests at VIPs to validate SSL traffic even if your web servers can only process HTTP


Simplifying certificate management with SSL/TLS offloading


NetScaler ADC SSL profiles validated reference design
SSL offloading using Terraform
SSL offloading using Ansible

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