Application delivery at scale can be complex.
Make it simpler with NetScaler.

Firmly on-prem. All-in on cloud. Good with hybrid.
Whichever you choose, NetScaler works the same across them all.

One platform for a consistent application delivery and security experience

Because nobody has time to learn multiple systems to manage ADC deployments

NetScaler is built with a single code base using a software-based architecture, so no matter which ADC form factor you choose — hardware, virtual machine, bare metal, or container — the behavior will be the same.

How the NetScaler application delivery and security platform works

Why NetScaler for application delivery?

Whether you are delivering applications to hundreds of millions of consumers, hundreds of thousands of employees, or both, NetScaler helps you do it reliably and securely.

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Lightning-fast application delivery for the best end-user experience:

  • One-pass architecture for lowest latency and optimal CPU utilization
  • Internet blind-spot detection and dynamic path selection for an optimal application experience
  • Dynamic scaling of internet traffic for hybrid and multi-cloud workloads to achieve clustering of up to 8 Tbps of L7 throughput for traffic destined for a single IP and port on up to 32 nodes
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Uniform protection for applications and APIs across environments with no compromise on performance:

  • Web application firewall (WAF) and volumetric bot protection at massive scale
  • Zero trust network access (ZTNA) access to internal and external applications
  • Native and integrated authentication and single sign-on experience
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Real-time insights and rich analytics for optimal application performance and faster troubleshooting:

  • Recommendations for the optimal data center, cloud, and CDN based on application end-user location and real-time internet conditions
  • Faster troubleshooting with application and API traffic insights, application and API security insights, and network and infrastructure performance insights
  • Integrations with Splunk, Prometheus, Elasticsearch, and more

Latency matters

How fast are your applications?

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NetScaler outperforms F5 in every scenario, delivering better CPU efficiency, lower latency, and higher throughput

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